Digital marketing internship by Deepak Kanakaraju – Day 2

Yes, you heard it right, knowing your target customer is the right way to start the sales journey if you don’t know who is target audience who will be interested in your product then all the efforts to create the product goes down the drain the customer is the king and you have to give him/her what they want and when the product is tailor-made to suit their requirements your sales and marketing process becomes faster and much easier.

I was getting ready for the second class of internship kept the laptop fully charged to 100% cant take a chance with power failure also kept my mobile hotspot connection on standby, the class started on time at 9 with a question from Deepak on percentage of first assignment completion, and it was 87% which even Deepak sir dint expect to be, but it was the result of positive pressure of carrots/sticks in the way of monetary benefits announced by Deepak sir on completion of the assignment, I fell if the monetary benefit was not announced the assignment completion percentage would be different, even I was happy when he announced the internship course with a return on it

Deepak sir said the assignments will be tougher in every coming class but the rewards will also be equivalent in the form of knowledge and earnings, told the students to focus on internship and put the mobiles on airplane mode.


Learn do teach is like a golden triangle to be followed in life, whatever you learn to practice it you cannot wait to be fully perfect, it’s ok to make mistakes ” Mistakes are future benefits – the value of which is yet to be realized “because when you gain knowledge it is in an unorganized format of bits and pieces here and there when it is implemented it gets more organized and when you are confident you can start teaching it to others.

Marketing is about good conversation

Source : http://hhg-consulting.com/

Digital marketing is more about marketing, but using the digital tools available online. If you are a better communicator you can become a better marketer, if you cannot converse well one to one it will be difficult to converse one to many.

Deepak sir way of communication by sending emails in a personal format of mentioning the recipient name makes the communication more personal and connected you don’t feel like you are hearing from a stranger. To get the communication personal and one to the one you need to be “authentic as people are tired of fake social personas “just trying to push their products. Everyone likes to read something real may be a personal event or an experience and relate to their own experiences or pain points.

We have a live example of Digital Deepak being so authentic with his emails as he has shared the ups and downs of his digital marketing career and how he overcame it, I am always waiting from his new mail to come in my inbox which is always something different and you get connected to.

So who is the better marketer

Better marketers are the ones who have more life experiences, have different skills, more hobbies, have traveled more, have done different things in life and the main point is the ones who share all that with their audience people don’t like to read only about one certain thing as there are thousands of blogs or articles on the net about the same subject what makes your content different from them is what value you add to it, I have read people sharing about their entire life on blogs like the house they are living in, their family, their travel plans, travel pics, cars, etc .which makes the reader interesting and keeps the curiosity levels high.

Another best way to communicate with people is to know them, but how do you get to know them to follow me

Who is your Target audience – the big question mark ??

Note: ” If everyone is your Audience then no one is your Audience

You just cannot sell anything to anyone, it does not work that way, should keep an eye on competition also, you have a carve out a niche and select your audience, then go ahead and design ( your own product ) or select ( e.g Affiliate Product )for that particular niche audience, which leads us to defining our target Audience which is our Customer Avatar.

How to create your customer avatar

You can create your customer avatar based on Demographics and Psychographics, Demographics mean Age, Gender, Location, Education level, and Psychographics mean likes dislikes social behavior, personal interests, lifestyles attitudes

Tips Shared By Deepak Kankaraju For effective communication

  • Write to one single customer at a time as only one customer is sitting in front of his /her computer laptop or mobile consuming your content.
  • Connect with users one on one.
  • Address people by their first name, people feel better when you do it.
  • Write emails like you are writing to your friends, do not use complex terms
  • Emails and direct messaging is more powerful than social media
  • Join the conversation in their mind { E.g: I am trying to write a blog on SEO and content creation and if someone sends me a mail about ” Top 10 SEO tips for 2020″ I get easily connected to it
  • The communication should have a flow when someone reads the Headline he should come to the second line, and the second-line should take him to third and follow on.

In between some students enquired about course completion certificates and to answer it, Deepak announced the Graduation party which will be held in Banglore and for which the dates will be announced mid-Jan, Also the top three students will get free flight tickets as a bonus.

Source: http://sliceweston.com/

Some new Concepts Shared

Focus on the Centre, not the border

This means to write content keeping your target customer in mind and write for only that niche of people your product is made for.

Awkwardness is an indicator of learning

This means that if you are feeling awkward while consuming the course content that means you are learning new things in life, things you have never done before which is an indicator of learning new.

And finally, we have to select a niche and create a Customer Avatar

My niche: Newbie bloggers

Product: Affiliate Hosting Packages, Seo Tools

Customer Avatar

Name: Suraj Kadam

Age: 30

Gender: Male

State/city: Goa, Panjim

Income: around 1.5lac

Education: Undergraduate

Marital status: Single

working for a private firm in Goa.

Uses Android Phone

Wants to earn extra income online

Has basic knowledge about internet email and marketing.

Is capable of putting 2 hours per day to study new concepts

Can spend up to 10,000 rupees to learn new courses

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