Internship program by Deepak Kanakaraju-Day 1

Digital Marketing

Hi, I a Reetesh Haldonkar and let me start with brief intro like how I ended being a part of this internship program, I started my first blog in 2008 but then the only goal of my blog was to earn from Adsense and I did not have proper person to guide me, I ran the blog for a year and then never renewed the hosting and then after some years started using youtube to monetize my video content which I still do, but then I realized there is much more to blogging and I started to look for more knowledge on internet and I stumbled upon Digital Deepak free digital marketing course.

I am a student of his digital marketing course along with some other courses, but then still I was not able to do it on my own as there was no accountability and when Deepak announced his mentorship program I jumped for it.

Digital marketing is not totally different from traditional marketing but it is “Achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies and media.”

So let’s get started what we learned on Day 1 of the internship.

Finding the Gold

Finding the gold is referred to finding the opportunity which is a mix of talent passion & market opportunity, we always think that all the market opportunities are taken up and we are left with nothing but it is an Ever-expanding market, people face new problems every day and when people buy a product to solve a certain problem a lot new market opportunities get created related to the new solution.

E.g A person feels that his existing house is becoming too small, he buys a new house now since he has brought a new house his one problem of space is solved but he will now have to create more solutions for problems like Interior decoration, Pest control, Home Insurance, Housemaid, Power back up, etc.

So new market opportunities get created and a person who can find these untapped opportunities gets success.


Communication is required in every part of life without which a relationship does not survive, we need to find the pain points of the people like what product or service is needed and the create it and modify it according to their needs, remember you cannot sell one product to everyone. You should know what to communicate and to whom to communicate .it does not sense when you communicate with the right product to the wrong people even if you have all the right tools of communication. If you are communicating to the right person he or she will feel or relate that this is her problem and the product is tailor-made for it thereby eliminating the need for marketing

Also some tips we shared to improve communication skills

*Reading for at least 30 minutes a day

*Listening to podcasts

*Writing at least 500 words

*Watching English sitcoms

Future of Digital Marketing

People fear that the importance of digital marketing can become less just like any other concept but since Digital marketing is a part of Marketing it can evolve over a period of time but will never lose its importance. Digital marketing a better way of marketing because you can get data out of it which can be measured and compared.

E.g If an advertisement is published in a newspaper the publisher can only tell the number of copies sold but can never tell how many people have read the advertisement what was the demographics, Gender Time and other metrics

So the need for Digital marketing will keep increasing as nowadays people research the product before buying it rather than clicking on the paid ad.

Niche selection

Niche selection is to find a category of product or service around which you should craft your content. There are plenty of niches available, one of the best ways to start over is to find your own pain points and select a niche. Also, you can do market research or keyword research to find the number of people who are searching that product or service and try to give them what they are looking for, there are many paid and free tools available on internet like Google Adwords, Uber suggest, Answer the Public, Moz, Semrush, Keyword tool.io, etc.

There is a lot of Digital Marketing content available on the net but I feel it is not in an organized format to be consumed in an efficient manner. I am looking forward to making the best of this mentorship course by Deepak sir.

Thank You for Reading my post.

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