Semrush tool guide

Hello friends we are going to research a tool call semrush which is used to audit a competitor website and also you can get all the details like analytics and backlinks of that particular website much time we don’t know particular website rank higher for a certain keyword ,semrush can help you to determine and give you and will give you all the details of the other website .

Semrush is the best digital marketing keyword research tool that helps you understand how your competitors have got into the Google search rankings and by using the semrush tool you can replicate the same for your website

You can do almost everything with the semrush tool I am sharing this guide which you can go through which will help you to understand the tool much better

Sem rush tool help you save a lot of time and can find you perfect opportunities to get the result which you are looking for all type of metrics available which help you to determine which yours to go after and how your competitor is ranking for this keyword before you can use the tool important to understand improve your website

1: Website audit

This is the first step you can consider in the SEO process start the audit process you need to start a new project in semrush tool you can enter your website and get a full report of the same you have options of even saving the report in PDF format

2. Domain overview

Under the domain overview option once you enter a website address you can get results such as organic search paid search backlinks display advertising and also a pie chart of the organic keywords

3. Seo ideas

This section of the tool display all the urls which are ranked against a particular keyword also show you the total volume and some more extra ideas if you click on the idea option it will give you more keyboard options some page improvements backlink opportunities from specific website

4. Organic search

Under this option you can check the website organic traffic the level of competition Android keyboard in common

5. Competitor overviews

Under the option you can see information such as top keywords backlinks their competitions setting up in the rankings also

6. competitive keywords

Under this option when you click the entire report button you can see a complete breakdown of each and every keyword the website is ranking for what trying to rank for

7. SEO keyword magic

this tool will help you to do keyword research by giving you more refined results and more related data to them, as usual, you will get your CPC and volume data+ you will get deeper insights like keyword difficulty competition Serp features.

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